We have a great range of courses to develop your professional English skills and prepare you for the global stage.

Learning strategies & induction

Mastering language skills

Business English

Speaking & pronunciation

  • Become confident with not only making individual sounds, but also stressing words well and using connected speech to find a natural English rhythm. The skills in this course will not only help boost your speaking test score, it will also help you communicate clearly and make a great first impression in English.

  • Speak fluently and clearly. Learn how to organize information, understand accents, and speak with the right intonation. You will give better presentations, boost your speaking test score, and make a great impression wherever you go.

  • This is a beginner's guide to English speech. Clear Speech from the Start will help you make every basic sound in English. You will speak more naturally and, therefore, more confidently. 

    Clear Speech is the best-selling English pronunciation series in the world. This beginner's book is a more recent addition to the Clear Speech lineup. It is aimed at lower-level English speakers who have a hard time making themselves understood.

  • This is a comprehensive guide to English pronunciation. It will help you score well in speaking tests, give more dynamic-sounding presentations, and speak more smoothly in everyday life. 

    Clear Speech is the best-selling pronunciation course in the world. If you have asked, "How do I speak English more naturally?" then this is the course for you.

Test preparation

General English


  • Become confident with fundamental grammar. Correctly use rules like simple and perfect tenses as well as more complex issues like formal writing and indirect speech. You will improve your spoken and written English for speaking tests, business situations and everyday conversation.

  • Communicate impressively with advanced grammar by learning how to add emphasis, use politeness or repetition to make your point, and much more. This course will help improve your spoken and written English for speaking tests, business situations and everyday conversation.

  • This is a course for English beginners. If you have trouble making basic sentences and expressing your ideas in English, then this grammar course is for you.

  • This course covers all fundamental aspects of English grammar. If you are able to express yourself in English but you still make some grammar mistakes, or if you need a stronger foundation, this is the course for you.

  • This advanced course will add nuance and impressive grammar structures to your English. It is recommended to have a strong foundation before starting, so, if you can already express complex ideas and you want to add academic, formal, or natural grammar, then this is the course for you.

Professional focus

  • TEF original

    This consulting course will help you with all the basic business English you need to do well in an English-speaking consulting firm. You will learn how to make a strong first impression with introductions, schedule smoothly, give and receive feedback, as well as how to do many other important skills.

  • TEF original

    Practice key aspects of a successful expert interview. Use the right level of formality, establish context and introduce questions smoothly. If you have to interview experts in English, this is the course for you. 

  • Learn specialist vocabulary, discuss engineering topics, and review essential language for many aspects of the industry such as materials, components, design, and development. If you work in engineering, this is the course for you.

  • If you are in finance, this course will teach you all the fundamentals you need to communicate at work in English. Expand your specialist vocabulary, master your ability to communicate professionally and review essential business and finance language.

Business skills