Grammar in Use Advanced

This course is for upper-intermediate or advanced speakers of English. The topics are challenging even for some native speakers, but you will find them rewarding.

Many mysteries of English grammar will be solved during this course. If you master the content of this course, you will be able to communicate with confidence in business, academic and most casual situations.

There are 100 units. Each unit has a page of review and then exercises. Your teacher will guide you through the book and help you understand each point. In class, you will also create many examples using the target language about your own life.

Topics include:

  • a detailed comparative review of all English verb forms and tenses;
  • analysis of future tenses;
  • modals and semi-modals;
  • linking verbs, passives and questions;
  • verb complementation and what follows verbs;
  • reporting;
  • nouns;
  • articles, determiners and quantifiers;
  • relative clauses and other types of clauses;
  • pronouns, substitution and leaving out words;
  • adjectives and adverbs;
  • adverbial clauses and conjunctions;
  • prepositions; and
  • organizing information in English sentences.

Time to complete

50 時間 / 100 クラス
75 時間 / 150 クラス