IELTS Official Cambridge Guide

Our experienced teachers will use this comprehensive course to prepare you for success in the IELTS test. You will learn IELTS strategies, as well as build your vocabulary, grammar and understanding of natural English phrases.

This course is a deep, thorough guide to the IELTS test. Each section focuses on one part of the test, including both practice exercises and a variety of useful tips.

  1. Listening 
    • following a conversation;
    • listening for actions or directions; and
    • following a lecture or talk. 
  2. Reading 
    • using strategies such as skimming to understand main ideas;
    • locating and matching information; and
    • following arguments in a text.
  3. Writing
    • describing charts and graphs;
    • expressing your ideas clearly; and
    • linking your ideas together.
  4. Speaking
    • using smooth intonation;
    • agreeing and disagreeing; and
    • organizing your thoughts.

You can work through the whole textbook from start to finish, or you can just focus on one aspect of the test. Please discuss your study plan with your teacher. Our expert teachers will guide you to the best approach.

If you would like advice on which teachers are most suitable for your learning style or most experienced with IELTS, please email

Time to complete

20 hours / 40 classes
80 hours / 160 classes