Oxford Grammar Intermediate

This course covers all aspects of grammar that intermediate-level students or above should know.

If you occasionally make grammatical errors or get confused by complex grammar rules, then this course will benefit you. It lays a strong foundation and gives you guidance to achieve higher-level goals, like speaking correctly in both casual and formal situations.

There are 22 sections. Each section begins by revising the basics. Then it takes you through a variety of grammar rules and tips for natural speech. The sections begin with simple grammar rules you may already know, and get progressively more difficult, finishing with complex topics such as indirect speech and spoken grammar.

In class, you will also use the target language to create many original examples about your own life and goals. Your teacher will guide you through the book and help you understand each point.

Topics include:

  • present tense;
  • future tense;
  • past tense;
  • perfect tense;
  • passive sentences;
  • questions and negatives;
  • using -ing forms;
  • articles: a/an and the;
  • comparing; 
  • using if;
  • indirect speech; and 
  • spoken grammar.

Time to complete

80 hours / 160 classes
100+ hours / 200+ classes