Clear Speech Intermediate

This is a comprehensive guide to English speech. It will help you score well in speaking tests, give more dynamic-sounding presentations, and speak more smoothly in everyday life. 

Clear Speech is the best-selling English pronunciation textbook in the world. If you have asked, "How do I speak English more naturally?" then this is the course for you.

There are 15 in-depth units that cover every aspect of the basics:

  • word stress; 
  • vowel rules; 
  • patterns in sentence stress;
  • choosing the focus word;
  • adding emphasis;
  • consonants; and
  • speaking in clear thought groups.

In addition to helping your spoken output, this course will help you with your listening skills. The more you understand how English pronunciation works, the more you will be able to understand spoken English.

Clear Speech focuses on each sound in the context of a word or thought group, so you don't need to sound like an American or a British person. You can continue to sound like yourself, but a clearer version of yourself. 

Time to complete

25 hours / 50 classes
50 hours / 100 classes