Grammar in Use Elementary

This is a grammar course for English beginners. If you have trouble making basic sentences and expressing your ideas in English, then this is the course for you.

This course will ensure you have a solid foundation of grammar to prepare you to move to the next level. Some of the topics covered will be easy, while others are more challenging. All of them are areas that most intermediate students of English make mistakes with. If you have high goals in English (for example, you want to speak naturally and correctly, like a native speaker, and at a very high professional level), then these are the basics you need to master.

There are 115 units. Each unit has a page of review and then exercises. Your teacher will guide you through the book and help you understand each point. In class, you will also create many examples using the target language about your own life.

Topics include:

  • all the verb tenses and verb forms of English;
  • modals and auxiliary verbs;
  • "there" and "it" as subjects;
  • question forms;
  • reported speech;
  • gerunds and infinitives;
  • idioms with "get", "go", "do", "make" and "have";
  • pronouns and possessives;
  • articles ("a/an" and "the");
  • determiners and pronouns;
  • adjectives and adverbs;
  • basics of word order and sentence construction;
  • conjunctions and clauses;
  • prepositions; and 
  • phrasal verbs.

Time to complete

60 時間 / 120 クラス
80 時間 / 160 クラス