TOEIC Premium (Tenth Edition)

This course will support your preparation for the TOEIC test. You will learn how to answer both TOEIC Listening and Reading questions to help you pass the test. The book will cover both sample questions and useful advice/strategies for each section: Listening and Reading.


  • Part 1: Photographs 
  • Part 2: Question Response 
  • Part 3: Conversations
  • Part 4: Talks 


  • Part 5: Incomplete Sentences 
  • Part 6: Text Completion 
  • Part 7: Reading Comprehension 

The book also has 6 practice tests that you can take, along with answers and explanations. It will come with audio that you can use to practice the skills you learned multiple times. 

You can work through the whole textbook from start to finish, or you can just focus on one aspect of the test. Please discuss your study plan with your teacher. Our expert teachers will guide you to the best approach. 

Time to complete

8 hours / 15 classes
15 hours / 30 classes