Oxford Grammar Advanced

This course covers all aspects of high-level grammar, much of which is difficult even for native speakers. This should be the last grammar course you need to take.

Be careful when choosing which level of textbook you take. If you are still regularly making grammar errors, then it may be better to take the intermediate level of this textbook series. In this advanced book the topics are challenging, but if this level is correct for you then you will find them rewarding.

It has two parts.

Part 1 is a guide to word and sentence grammar consisting of 17 large sections. It starts with a review of the basics, then dives into tougher topics like modal verbs, determiners and relative clauses. 

Part 2 is a shorter guide to grammar beyond the sentence, including politeness, emphasis and repetition. It is the bridge from textbook English to fluent, correct, everyday English. 

Topics include:

  • In Part 1:

    • passives;

    • infinitives and -ing forms;
    • various structures with verbs;
    • adjectives, adverbs and comparison;

    • noun clauses; and

    • adverb clauses.

  • In Part 2:

    • information structure;

    • reading complicated sentences;

    • short answers, questions and question tags;

    • politeness: being indirect; and

    • news headlines.

Time to complete

50 hours / 100 classes
75+ hours / 150+ classes