Business Vocabulary Advanced (Third Edition)

If you are working in international business, then you need this course. We will teach you the language of the most fundamental areas of business and help you develop your business communication skills.

This course is perfect for experienced professionals and consultants working at a high level. It is also great for people who have studied English before and need to deepen their knowledge of business English. If you are working at a management level now, or aim to in the future, this intensive course is for you. We also highly recommend this course for business majors and students planning to do an MBA in English.

There are 50 units, covering topics in these business areas:

  • human resources;
  • management;
  • quality control; 
  • strategy;
  • marketing;
  • IT;
  • corporate finance;
  • corporate social responsibility; and
  • the global economy.

Each unit includes detailed notes and theory, practice exercises and discussion sections.

Time to complete

30 hours / 60 lessons
50 hours / 100 lessons