Oxford Intermediate Grammar

This course covers all aspects of grammar that intermediate-level students or above should know.

If you occasionally make grammatical errors or get confused by complex grammar rules, then this course will benefit you. It lays a strong foundation and gives you guidance to achieve higher-level goals, like speaking correctly in both casual and formal situations.

Transitions course

The Transitions course will help you connect ideas, direct the listener's attention, add emphasis and communicate more smoothly and naturally. 

Each lesson has a language theme (for example, describing results) and a topic (for example, discussing education). You will build your English skills while having an in-depth discussion on topics that often come up in speaking tests. 

Intermediate Grammar

This is a grammar course covering all aspects of grammar that intermediate students should know. It is not a conversation or general English course. The focus is mastering grammar to enable better progress in your English studies and higher test scores.

Advanced Grammar

If you are an advanced speaker of English, this is the last grammar course you will need to take. It covers all aspects of very high level grammar, much of which is difficult and confusing for native speakers.