Oxford Advanced Grammar

Communicate impressively with advanced grammar by learning how to add emphasis, use politeness or repetition to make your point, and much more. This course will help improve your spoken and written English for speaking tests, business situations and everyday conversation.

Oxford Intermediate Grammar

Become confident with fundamental grammar. Correctly use rules like simple and perfect tenses as well as more complex issues like formal writing and indirect speech. You will improve your spoken and written English for speaking tests, business situations and everyday conversation.

Transitions Course

Connect your ideas smoothly so your listeners can follow your answers and arguments. This course will improve both spoken and written English. The discussion topics in each lesson will prepare you to succeed in the G.B.C. test as well as meet academic goals. 

Speaking Test Strategies

Build your argumentation and fluency to become an impactful speaker. These strategies will not only maximise your next speaking test score, they will also help you communicate with clarity in discussions and presentations. This course is aimed at the G.B.C. test, and can also be used for success in TOEIC Speaking, TOEFL, IELTS, and EIKEN.

G.B.C. Mock Tests

Use these mock tests before your exam to get used to test conditions. Mock tests are most effective when used to practice argumentation, fluency and delivery learned in the Speaking Test Strategies course.

Speakout Advanced

Learn a wide range of advanced English including idioms, complex grammar patterns and impressive intonation. This course will also help you confidently have discussions about topics including freedom, justice and inspiration.

Speakout Intermediate

Learn general conversational English including natural phrases, useful grammar patterns and intonation. This course will also help you give opinions and have discussions about topics from history, careers, and predictions about the future. 

G.B.C. test strategies

The G.B.C. test is used by many of the leading companies in Japan to assess English communication and language skills. It's a very broad test, that goes beyond grammar and vocabulary to judging your delivery, body language, pronunciation, logic and more.