The English Farm is an online English school for professionals with a focus on education and quality. The English Farm was created in September 2012 by a group of English teachers, IT/web people and a writer. We are New Zealanders, Japanese, Canadians, Americans and Australians. It is operated by Inkstone (New Zealand).

We are different from traditional schools

The English Farm is better than traditional schools. Why? We are more convenient and more flexible:

  • You can take a lesson any time you like. We have teachers in different timezones so you can take lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are not restricted by your working hours or a school's open times.
  • You can learn English from anywhere. All you need is a Skype on your PC, tablet or smartphone, and an internet connection. Our students take classes at home or the office. They have even taken classes from taxis and cafes!
  • Our classes are short — just 25 minutes each. Everyone can find half an hour in their day to learn, so with no travel time to your school, you have no excuse not to take a class. If you have more time, you can book as many classes as you like.

Affordable quality

Traditional schools are expensive to run, and so more expensive to attend. Most of the money you pay to a traditional school goes into marketing, rent and all the other things you need to run a brick-and-mortar business. The business side uses up all the money, and there isn’t much left for education. All those overheads also mean that at traditional schools there are lots of fees and conditions. These just make it more expensive and inflexible to learn at a traditional school.

The English Farm is more affordable than traditional schools, but we can give the same quality of lessons. How? We are very frugal and we have low overheads. We use the Internet and other technologies to reduce our costs as much as possible. The business side uses much less of our money. So where a traditional school usually spends about 25 – 30% of lesson fees on teacher salaries, we can spend 70 – 80% of lesson fees on teacher salaries. While traditional English schools struggle to attract qualified, experienced English teachers with low salaries, The English Farm can hire the best teachers we can find. And that means you get the best lessons you can find for less.

We are different from other online schools

There are lots of super-cheap online schools out there, and for conversation practice and English-speaking experience, we think that they are great. If you are a casual learner then they can be a really great option. They are cost-effective and are wonderful for giving people the chance to speak English more.

There are also lots of online schools, apps and sites that offer software and online activities to help you learn. We think these are great too, but they have their limits. You can practice and learn with them, but when it comes to interacting with teachers and native speakers, there is no substitute for one-on-one time.

For students and professionals serious about mastering English, The English Farm is better than other online schools:

  • Our teachers are experienced professionals. They are not university students or native speakers teaching while travelling around the world. All our teachers have years of both teaching and working experience. That helps them give the best lessons and their professional knowledge.
  • We specialise in business communication and offer a wide-range of courses to develop your professional communication skills.
  • Our lesson materials are from the best publishers in the world, like Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Our system ensures your course is organized and effective. We are serious about teaching the best way we can and making sure you don't waste your precious lesson time.
  • Our classes are all one-on-one sessions with friendly teachers. There are no group classes or online seminars with one teacher and many students. There are no video classes and no software.

On The English farm, your lesson is personalised and interactive, your lesson is real and useful and your teacher is your teacher for the entire lesson

Your learning is our priority

We take your English education seriously, because we are teachers, not salesmen, and this is a school, not a business.

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