The English Farm is not simply an education platform connecting students with teachers. We are a highly collaborative, collegial team of professional English teachers, working together to deliver the best lessons to professional students. We take many of the valuable aspects of a brick-and-mortar school, such as teacher support, professional development and comprehensive teaching resources, and combine them with the flexibility and low bureaucratic overhead of an online environment.

As a digital native organisation, we are specialists in working and teaching online. The English Farm brings the best teachers from any part of the world together with our motivated students to support the pursuit of their language acquisition goals.

We seek to bring into our team professional, experienced teachers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Whilst we support and encourage flexibility of working schedules, we are looking for teachers who have long-term availability for 20 or more hours a week.


  • 25-minute lessons for smart, successful learners of English of university age or over;
  • ¥1,000–1,250/lesson (¥2,000–2,500/hr) gross (includes sick pay & holiday pay);
  • Online;
  • Full curriculum provided to teachers and students;
  • Training provided and paid;
  • Option to do paid writing work (lessons or blog posts);
  • Work as little or much as you want; and
  • Manage your own schedule.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Careful and attentive teaching of the curriculum, while providing rich feedback;
  • Teach all aspects of professional and polite English communication, including but not limited to: grammar; pronunciation; vocabulary; delivery; register; your knowledge of global culture; and English tests.
  • Writing up of a lesson record for each class in a timely manner and in accordance with standards and guidelines as set by The English Farm;
  • Occasional assessment reports & homework checking;
  • Attend staff meetings (one paid 30-minute session per month);
  • Attend training workshops (one paid 30-minute sessions per month);
  • Correct and provide feedback on student homework from time to time in a timely manner (paid task);
  • Write an end of term assessment for students with whom a teacher has had most contact in a term in a timely manner; and
  • Light class preparation.

Requirements & expectations:

  • You should be personable and friendly;
  • Hold a bachelor's degree;
  • English teaching experience required;
  • Available 20 hours per week at in-demand times;
  • Available to work before & after work (in a student's timezone) and weekends;
  • Decent typing & computer skills;
  • Knowledge and experience of other cultures a plus;
  • Business knowledge a plus; and
  • Professional experience outside teaching a bonus.

You need:

  • Professional attire;
  • A computer with a good internet connection, a web camera and a headset; and
  • A well-lit, quiet, tidy place from which to teach.

Important notes re payment:
Before beginning your application, read the following carefully:

  1. Payment is made either by Wise (used to be Transferwise) or if you are in NZ into your NZ bank account.
  2. Before applying to The English Farm, if you are outside of NZ please verify that we can pay you via Wise. Please check Wise for details.
  3. Rates are fixed in JPY, but we will pay you in your currency of choice if supported by Wise. Your payment is calculated using a three-year average exchange rate, not a spot rate, to mitigate risks to you in exchange rate fluctuation & volatility.
  4. Per lesson rates are for 25 minutes of teaching time and 5 minutes of prep and admin.