G.B.C. test strategies

The G.B.C. test is used by many of the leading companies in Japan to assess English communication and language skills. It's a very broad test, that goes beyond grammar and vocabulary to judging your delivery, body language, pronunciation, logic and more.

Our G.B.C. strategies course will help you improve faster and get the best score you can. We cover all aspects of the test, and teach you how to maximize your score. We'll also help you practice answering lots and lots of G.B.C.-style questions. Not only that, you will learn effective communication skills and how to present yourself well in any situation. This is essential if you plan to be using English in your career.

You should take this course if you need to do the G.B.C. test, if you are preparing for any speaking test in English (IELTS, TOEFL, Eiken etc.), or if you want to be an effective and engaging communicator in English.

This course is entirely online. There is no textbook.

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