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Interview tests

This is a quick lesson to recap your G.B.C. assessment and refocus your goals.

In this lesson, we will focus on getting you mentally prepared for your test.

In this lesson, we will look back at the various types of English you have studied. We will give you advice for your speaking test and recommend a course for you to continue studying English. 

This lesson will show you how to use a couple of complex grammar points to impress test administrators and help you communicate big ideas with precision. 

This lesson will show you a couple of ways to use intonation naturally and confidently

Using a couple of natural expressions is an easy way to seem fluent. Be careful to use them with natural pacing and in the right context—this will show you how. 

In this lesson, we will talk about body language and gestures. Sending the right unspoken messages will make your overall communication much more effective. 

In this review lesson we will consider many points of view for speaking test answers. 

The final thing you say should be the most memorable, so this lesson returns to the topic of finishing strongly. You will get a chance to practice new phrases and some points of intonation.

This lesson will focus on adding as many effects as possible to a piece of evidence, doing this will help you make a logical link between evidence and outcomes. 


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