GCAS Strategies 27 Problem-solving: Review

Two women going down a spiral staircase
Circle back to your GCAS strategies

This is a review of the previous lessons. You will practice strategies you can use in Part 3 of the GCAS test. 


In the last four lessons, you learned strategies to do well on Part 3 in the GCAS. This lesson will help you use the strategies.

Warm Up: 
  1. How should you prepare? Should you carefully read everything on the sheet?
  2. Can you change this to a strong opinion?
    "We could have more English training."
  3. Can you play devil's advocate to this phrase?
    "Convenience store coffee is better than Starbucks coffee." 
  4. Can you change this phrase to be more inclusive, rather than aggressive?
    "Don't you remember what I said?" 

Your teacher will give you a GCAS Part 3 style question. Follow their instructions. 

When you finish this practice section, you may wish to continue to GCAS Mock Tests for more review.