GCAS Strategies 22 Presentations: Review

U-turn road sign
Turn and look back on your GCAS strategies

This is a review of the previous lessons. You will practice strategies you can use in Part 2 of the GCAS test. 


In the last five lessons, you learned strategies to do well on Part 2 in the GCAS test. This lesson will help you use the strategies.

Warm Up: 

In the last section, we worked on presentations. How confident are you in each of these areas?

  1. Preparing and understanding the graph.
  2. Directing the listener's attention.
  3. Talking about numbers and percentages.
  4. Talking about trends.
  5. Analysing the graph.



Now practice giving strong presentations using these materials.

  1. Environmental Impacts of Food


  1. GDP per capita in England: 1916–2016


  1. Consumption of spreads: 1981–2007


  1. Population of turtles in India: 1980–2012