GCAS Strategies 24 Problem solving: Strong opinions

Woman with red boxing gloves
Be strong

In this lesson, we'll work on giving very strong opinions


Answer this question with a strong opinion.

Do you think cultural training is important for global business?

Warm Up: 
  1. How strong was your opinion?
  2. How do you think you can make it stronger?

There are two ingredients for a strong opinion.

1. What you say

Add or change words to make these opinions stronger. Use words and phrases you already know.

  1. I guess cultural training is good.
  2. We should increase sales. 
  3. I think there is a problem.
  4. We could start now.

2. How you say it

Use the strong opinions you made in section A. Say them with the word stress and intonation you learned in GCAS Strategies 9.


Your teacher will give you a business issue and an information sheet. Take 90 seconds to prepare. Be sure to use strong opinions.