Think outside the box

If you’re faced with a unique and complicated issue at work, you may need to think outside the box to find a solution.

When you think outside the box, you try to use your imagination to come up with new and unusual ideas. The purpose of thinking outside the box is to challenge yourself to think differently about a subject, so that you can approach it from a new perspective and ideally, produce original ideas and solutions.

Get sidetracked

If you lose interest or focus in the task that you’re supposed to be doing and start doing another task, then you got sidetracked. This means that you shifted your attention away from your primary goal and started doing an activity that was, likely, less important. When you get sidetracked, you delay the progress of your main goal.

Hit the ground running

If you start a new project with the intention to work hard immediately, then you hit the ground running. We use this expression when we are prepared to start a project right from the beginning, with a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and efficiency. 

When we hit the ground running, we do not waste time doing tasks that delay progress. The goal is to achieve success quickly. This usually requires some form of preparation, background knowledge, or related experience. For example:

Above and beyond

If you do more than is expected of you, then you go above and beyond. Companies are fortunate to have employees who go above and beyond because it typically means that they do more than their job description.

This expression is positive and is used to bring attention to someone’s outstanding work. If someone went above and beyond, it means that they completed what was required of them and then chose to do additional work on top of that. Here are a few examples: