Aussie rules Mark of the Year

The annual Australian Football League Mark of the Year competition is a sporting award that celebrates each season's best "mark." A mark is the action of a player cleanly catching a ball that has been kicked and has traveled more than 15 meters through the air without hitting the ground.

A spectacular mark, also known as a "specky," is a mark in Australian rules football that typically involves a player jumping up on the back of another player.

Australian convict pirates in Japan

An amateur historian has unearthed compelling evidence that the first Australian maritime foray into Japanese waters was by convict pirates on an audacious escape from Tasmania almost two centuries ago.

Fresh translations of samurai accounts of a “barbarian” ship in 1830 give startling corroboration to a story modern scholars had long dismissed as convict fantasy: that a ragtag crew of criminals encountered a forbidden Japan at the height of its feudal isolation.