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Avoid saying DELICIOUS

Japanese people say "delicious" far more often than native English speakers do. In Japan, where I lived for about 6 years, I was surprised by how often I heard the word. When I spoke to other native English speakers, everyone seemed to feel the same way. Why is that? 

Giving emphasis

One very easy way to make your spoken English more effective is to use emphatic phrases. Apart from making your ideas and opinions stronger, they also impress GBC interviewers!

Actually, why not say that last sentence like this:

Man using body language for emphasis

Fighting motivation

Keeping motivated is something that everyone struggles with from time to time. Whether it’s motivation to exercise, eat healthy, study, or learn a new language, we’ve all found ourselves lacking the drive and energy to work at whatever goals we’ve set for ourselves.

G.B.C. sample answer: A future trip

Let’s look at a personal question today. In the G.B.C. test, there are often questions about travel, and it’s a good idea to think about potential places you would like to visit (or places you have been) and the reasons why you are attracted to the place.