Transitions 2 Using general language while discussing culture

Young women modeling kimonos in Chile
Kimono fashion show in Chile

This lesson will focus on using a variety of expressions to talk about generalized language. The topic we will discuss is culture. 


Each lesson has a language focus and a topic for the questions. In this lesson, you will practice using general language while talking about culture. 

Warm Up: 

What's the culture like in your hometown? Is it different to where you live now? 


Work with your teacher and define each phrase. Then give an example of it, and use it to give a very quick answer to a cultural question. 

  1. Generally speaking — In general; not 100% of the time, but most of the time.
  2. On the whole — Same as above.
  3. Broadly speaking — Same as above.
  4. By and large Same as above.
  5. As a rule — We expect it to be true. 
  6. Roughly speaking — Used for numbers and amounts. 

Now that you are comfortable using a variety of phrases for speaking generally, try answering the questions that your teacher has. Make sure to use as many of the phrases as possible in each of your answers.