Speaking Test Strategies 21 Using gestures and body language

Gestures send the right unspoken message

In this lesson, we will talk about body language and gestures. Sending the right unspoken messages will make your overall communication much more effective. 


Everyone uses gestures when they communicate. Here, we will think critically about them and work on matching strong gestures with other parts of communication, like phrases and intonation.

Warm Up: 

Answer these questions with your teacher: 

  1. How important are gestures in your speaking test?
  2. What gestures do you already use?
  3. Have you seen native English speakers use gestures? What are some examples?

We are going to think about when you can use gestures, and then what gestures you can use. 

1. At the start of some answers, you may need time to think. Here are some gestures for thinking: ​

  • Chin scratch​




  • Cheek tap 




  • Lean back




  • Look up and frown. 




2. When making a key point, you can gesture for emphasis. 

  • Pointing forward is very strong, so a safer gesture is to make a loose fist or use an open hand to motion forward.​




  • Use eye contact and intensifiers with your gesture.




3. If you are not sure about an opinion or a fact, you can use gestures to show that. For instance: 

  • Shrug with open hands 




  • ​Just open hands 




4. If you make an analogy or compare two things, you can gesture to one side, then the other. 

(There is currently no gif for this gesture, so please follow your teacher's directions.)

5. If you count points through your answer or in your conclusion, then count up, starting with your index finger. You can use this during the middle of your answer, especially if you say "secondly" or "thirdly".  You may also want to use this in your conclusion as you repeat your key claims. 




6. If you talk about yourself, you can gesture to yourself. Just motion towards your chest. This seems natural with phrases such as: 

  • Well, personally, I think... 
  • In my case...




Try reading this answer with as many gestures as possible: 

Question: Where do you see yourself in 20 years? 

Well, let me think about that. Twenty years! I haven't really thought that far ahead, so I don't know exactly, but let me see. Well, my company is fantastic so I guess I'd like to still be working here. Or, on the other hand, maybe starting my own business would be great. I'm not ready to do it now, but in twenty years, it's possible. So, to wrap up, I guess I see myself either at this company or at my own company. I'll have a management job, a nice office, and a happy family! I hope, anyway. 

Discuss the possible gestures with your instructor. 

Now try answering another question with natural gestures.