G.B.C. 5 Reasoning

Reasoning connects your claim to your evidence

This lesson is about reasoning and how to make a strong, well-reasoned argument. This will improve your "discourse was incohesive" score and improve your score on the communication of information section.


So far, we have talked about arguments and how to use evidence to support your claim. In this lesson, we will work on reasoning. Reasoning connects the evidence to your claim by showing that the evidence fits and supports your claim. This is the final aspect of a strong and convincing argument.

Warm Up: 

Let's start with a simple question:

What is the best thing to eat in your country?


Let's consider the difference between an argument that lacks reasoning and one that is soundly reasoned:

  1. My company provides the best service in the market. In the last 12 months, we have cut costs for our clients by an average of 8%. We have increased revenue by an average of 5%. Our clients have all universally increased their market share and successfully entered into new markets. Our clients are always satisfied with our service.
  2. My company provides the best service in the market. Our clients hire consultants to improve their business in measurable and tangible ways. And we consistently deliver these results to our clients: reducing their costs by an average of 8%; increasing revenues by 5%; improving market share; and helping them enter new markets. These results ensure that our clients make real improvements to their business, and they are always satisfied with our work.

Now that you understand how to reason a sound argument, try it out with a couple of G.B.C.-style questions.