G.B.C. 9 Finding reasons for disagreement

Look closely!

This lesson will help you identify points of disagreement so you can address them in your argument. It will make your answer much stronger, and improve your logic and communication of information scores.


We talked about how to defeat counterarguments before. Now we will work on identifying potential counterarguments and weaknesses in your own position.

Warm Up: 

What are the benefits of people disagreeing with you? Are you comfortable voicing your disagreements with others?


Brainstorm some potential points of disagreement with your teacher. What are some common types of disagreement?

Now take this question from the G.B.C. test and work out what might be some obvious points of disagreement:

Why do foreign businesses fail to succeed in Japan?

Quickly give a summary of your position in answer to this question. Remember:

  • claim;
  • evidence; and
  • reasoning.

Your teacher will give you an argument in response to the question below. You should analyse the argument for points of disagreement.

Do video games help kids be more or less social?