G.B.C. 18 Warming up for your test

In this lesson, we will focus on getting you mentally prepared for your test.


All professional athletes stretch their muscles before a big game. This class will do this for your GBC test. The aim here is to get you into "English Mode" and refresh your mind and mouth in preparation for your test. We will also take you through some breathing exercises to make sure you are relaxed and in peak form to sit your test. The aim of this class in not to learn, but to get you comfortable using your second language and prepare you for the most important part of GBC: sitting the actual test.

Warm Up: 

Your teacher will do a deep breathing exercise with you. You may feel a little silly, but just remember it is scientifically proven to calm people down.


Feeling relaxed? If not, tell your teacher and do the breathing exercise with them again. If you are, it's time for some G.B.C. style questions. We are going to start with a classic: Where is your hometown, and was it a good place to grow up?


Now you are warmed up, and almost ready! Before you go, let's do some more breathing exercises.