Speaking Test Strategies 13 Layering reasoning

old desk with stacks of old books
Use layers of reasoning.

This lesson focuses on reasoning in an argument. It shows you how to go deeper and make a very strong connection between your claims and your evidence. 


Recall lesson 4 on reasoning. Many students say that reasoning is the most difficult part of an argument. Do you agree? 

Warm Up: 

Answer this question: 

Do you think it's important to travel abroad?


Here are some claims, and some evidence to support each one. Add reasoning to explain why the evidence supports the claim. 

  1. You should go to the Swiss Alps. They're great! There are lots of huge, snow-covered mountains.
  2. I think the economy is going to get worse in the next 20 years. Some experts say that advances in artificial intelligence are going to cause mass unemployment. 

Now, practice answering some speaking test questions. Add as much reasoning as you can.