Speaking Test Strategies 4 Adding reasoning to arguments

large pulley linked to chain
Strong connections are vital to a strong argument.

This lesson is about making a strong, well-reasoned argument. This is the last part of making a strong basic answer. 


What is the role of reasoning in an argument? 

Warm Up: 

Is this a strong answer? Why or why not? 

Tokyo is the best city in the world! It's very convenient. There are hundreds of train stations and convenience stores. Also, the food is amazing. Tokyo is the city with the most Michelin stars. So it's convenient and the food is great.


Try adding reasoning to these claims and pieces of evidence: 

  1. I’m positive about the economy in France. The people are well-educated. 
  2. I’m negative about the economy in Italy. The population is decreasing. 

Now that you understand how to make a strong argument with reasoning, give good reasoning in your answers to some questions.