Expert Interviews for Consultants

One of the first ways a consultant will use English on the job is in expert interviews. This course will prepare you for interviewing an expert. You will learn the following:

  1. how to ask direct and indirect questions;
  2. how to give polite commands and directions;
  3. how to ask follow up questions;
  4. active listening skills;
  5. confirming information;
  6. clarification; and
  7. how to finish the interview.

If you are preparing for an expert interview, you should take this course. It is also recommended that you do a lesson or two to practice before an interview:

  1. clarify the language of the specific questions you will ask; and
  2. practice the overall discussion of the topic, as well as the kind of answers you might expect.

All lessons for this course are online. There is no textbook to purchase.

Time to complete

4 hours / 8 classes (2 classes per day over 4 days is recommended)
6-8 hours / 12-16 lessons (2-3 classes per week over 1-2 months is recommended)