Expert interviews 2 Giving instructions

A police officer is giving directions or instructions

We will practice giving instructions or direction using clear, appropriate and polite English.


We will practice directing or instructing an interviewee to do a variety of things using stronger direct language as well as more polite, indirect language.

Warm Up: 

Are you confident to give directions or instructions? When was one time you had to do this?

When would you have to give instructions or directions in an interview?


There are two styles of language to give instruction: direct and indirect.

First let's practice direct instructions

  1. When would you use this style?
  2. What can you say?

Next, let's practice indirect instructions

  1. When would you use this style?
  2. What can you say?

Let's practice giving instructions.

First practice a direct style. For each number, change the verb or the pattern to sound natural:

  1. Sit here.
  2. Talk about a topic.
  3. Be careful while walking.
  4. Relax.
  5. Write information on a form.
  6. Look at a document.
  7. Speak slowly.
  8. Stop using jargon.
  9. Speak louder.
  10. Stop speaking for a short time.

Are there any other situations you can imagine in an interview?

Now go through the list again. Ask using an indirect style, and try to use a few different patterns.