Expert interviews 6 Clarification

When information is unclear, we need to claritfy it

We will practice confirming key information using specific, professional language.


This lesson will focus on a variety of strategies to clarify key information during an interview.

Warm Up: 

When you are doing interviews, how do you confirm information? What do you do or say if you only miss one key point?


You can use question words like what, who, when and where to clarify one piece of information in a sentence.

Consider this dialog:

A: Turnover was ———
B: Sorry, turnover was what?
A: Turnover was about 3 percent.
B: Got it, thanks.

Person B repeated what was said, with the key information replaced by what. This way, person A knows that most of their information was communicated, and they only need to repeat the key piece of information.

If the information is still unclear, then person B can clarify:

A: We finished last ———
B: Sorry, you finished when?
A: We finished last w—k.
B: Did you say last week?
A: Yea, last week, on Friday.


Your instructor will read a key piece of information, confirm the part that is unclear: 

  1. Sales were ———
  2. Our main advantage is ———
  3. We found that ———
  4. We'll start the project ———
  5. We’ve had this information since ———

Now try again, and repeat the information you hear, and confirm the part you don't.

Finally, your instructor will tell you about a topic. Try to politely ask for clarification as they are talking.