Once in a blue moon

If you don’t do an activity very often, then you can say that you only do it once in a blue moon. We use this expression to emphasize how rare or infrequent an activity is. The activity could be infrequent due to cost, convenience, preference, etc.

This expression is somewhat casual, so it is best suited for informal contexts. For example:

In the bag

If you have something in the bag, it means that you are sure that you will achieve it or acquire it. We usually use this expression to predict a future success that seems certain or, at least, highly probable.

This expression can be used in a variety of situations, although it is better suited to informal contexts. For example:

Blow something out of proportion

If you blow something out of proportion, then you make it seem more important than it actually is. We use this expression when someone overreacts or exaggerates the seriousness of a situation. As a result, the situation is given more attention than it deserves.

This expression can be used to refer to unfavorable behavior that occurs in both personal and professional contexts. For example:

Think outside the box

If you’re faced with a unique and complicated issue at work, you may need to think outside the box to find a solution.

When you think outside the box, you try to use your imagination to come up with new and unusual ideas. The purpose of thinking outside the box is to challenge yourself to think differently about a subject, so that you can approach it from a new perspective and ideally, produce original ideas and solutions.