Circle back

If a conversation is going in a new direction and you want to return to a previous point, you can circle back.

In business, it’s very common for discussions to be directed away from the main point as new ideas, issues, or related topics come up. If you would like to refocus everyone’s attention to the main point of a discussion, you can circle back to it.

You can use this expression as a statement or a question. Here are some examples of how to use this phrase:

·      That’s a great idea. Let’s set a meeting tomorrow to discuss it further. For now, let’s circle back to our main priority, which is preparing for today’s presentation.

·      Do you mind if I circle back to the point I made earlier about our sales strategy?

You can also use this expression to say that you would like to revisit a subject at a later time.

A: I think we should also think about how to market this service to other demographics, but I haven’t looked into it yet.
B:Good idea. Please do some additional research on the topic and we’ll circle back to discuss it later this week.