Frequently Asked Questions

Your first lesson

Take your first lesson to choose a course with your teacher and make a study plan.

How do I reserve my first lesson? 

Reserve your first lesson using our lesson reservation system. You can start by choosing a teacher or a choosing a time that suits you.

It’s my first lesson! What should I expect? 

When it is time for your lesson, join the lesson using the links on the TEFtalk page, from your email or your calendar. Your teacher will ask you some questions about yourself and your goals in learning English. They will also help you pick a course and make a study plan. 

I want to know what courses I can take. What do I do? 

Your teacher will help you choose the best course for you. Take a look at our full list of courses first to help you decide. You can also talk to your teacher or contact support for help.

How do I join the lesson? 

Taking a lesson is easy. You only need to be logged in to our website and look for TEFtalk badges and links. There is more information on the help pages about TEFtalk, our communications platform. 


TEFtalk is our communications platform. You can message your teacher and take lessons directly on our site. You do not need to download or install software. 

What basic requirements do I need to use TEFtalk? 

TEFtalk works on any internet browser, except for Internet Explorer. You can use a computer or cell phone with a camera and microphone. You can read more about basic requirements for TEFtalk

How can I test if TEFtalk works for me? 

You can test if your computer has the necessary requirements to use TEFtalk by using this testing tool. If you have any issues when testing TEFtalk, you can send your test results to tech support

TEFtalk doesn't work! What do I do? 

If TEFtalk doesn't work, your teacher will have a backup ready. You can also get help from our tech support

Taking classes

Classes are 25 minutes. Take lessons with any teacher you choose.

How do I reserve a lesson?

Reserve your first lesson using our lesson reservation system. You can start by choosing a teacher or a time that suits you. 

How do lesson points work? 

One lesson point gets you one 25-minute lesson. When you finish a lesson, you get one homework point. See our packages and prices page for more information. 

Do I need to buy a textbook? 

Only if you take courses that require a textbook. If your company is paying for your lessons, textbooks are included. We also have original, in-house courses online that do not require textbooks.

Do I have to do my homework? 

No, but we recommend it! Doing your homework can help you review what you learned in your lesson. However, we know you are busy, so if you end up doing it later or not at all, that is okay! 

Do I have to take lessons with the same teacher? 

No, you can choose different teachers to help you meet new people and hear different accents. Your next teacher will have the material and know where know where to start, so you don't need to worry about changing teachers. 

Can I take more than one lesson in a row? What about my break? 

Absolutely! You can take two or three or four lesson in a row. Our lessons are 25 minutes long, but you can let your teacher know if you want to take a break in between lessons or continue after the first lesson. You can also take as many lessons as you like in one day. 

How often should I take lessons? 

We recommend at least two or three times a week, but consistency is key to improvement. Try to work out a set time in your schedule to take classes consistently. 

How do I cancel or change the time of a lesson? 

If you need to cancel, you can do so in the calendar. To change your lesson time, you need to cancel and then rebook your lesson. Make sure you cancel your lesson more than 12 hours before to avoid losing your lesson point. We will send you an email reminder 14 hours before your lesson.

I don't like my course/teacher! What do I do? 

That's okay! If you don't like your course, simply let your teacher know. You can try something new. If you don't like your teacher, you can go through the list of teachers to see if you can find someone who is a better fit for you. You can also contact support for advice. 

How do I check my schedule? 

You can see your upcoming lessons on your lesson calendar, My Page, and on TEFtalk. You can also import your lessons into your calendar

How do I contact my teacher? 

You can contact your teacher through your lesson calendar. Click on the mail icon on the right-hand side of the calendar page. You can also contact your teacher from their profile oir through TEFtalk.

I have to take the GBC/IELTS/TOEIC/TOEFL soon. Can you help? 

Yes! We have test preparation courses that you can use to succeed in any English proficiency test. However, the more time you have to prepare, the more likely you'll achieve your goals. 

I was taking lessons with my company, but I've left. Can I continue taking lessons? 

Yes, and we can offer you a discount. You will be able to continue your classes without taking a break and keep all your information and lesson history. Contact support for more information.

Payments, profiles, and settings

How do I pay for my lessons? 

You can pay for your lessons using Paypal, a quick, secure online payment system. Create a Paypal account and pay for your lesson using a credit card. 

Does The English Farm have any joining or leaving fees? 

No, there are no joining or leaving fees. You only need to pay for your lessons and textbook, if you use one. 

How do I change my profile and settings? 

Click "Settings" in the top right corner of our website to change your email address, password, and any other information. Make sure you click "Save" at the bottom of the page when you are done. 

How do I change my username? 

You cannot change your username. Please contact support if you would like to change your username. 

The English Farm

Who are you? 

We are teachers who want to help you do better work through better English. Read more about usour people and what we are about

Who are the teachers? 

Our teachers are experienced professionals from all over the world. 

What do you do?  

We teach one-on-one English lessons to professionals and businesspeople using a combination of reputable textbooks and our own original content.