TEFtalk is The English Farm’s communication system. You can use TEFtalk to send messages to your teacher and to take lessons on The English Farm. It works like Zoom or Teams. 

  • You do not need to download and install special software;
  • TEFtalk runs securely in your browser;
  • You can use any device—PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone (Apple or Android); and
  • To use TEFtalk, you only need to log on to The English Farm website. 

You need the following:

  • a computer or cell phone with a camera and a microphone; 
  • a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari work best; Internet Explorer is not supported);
  • a strong, stable Internet connection; and
  • earphones if you expect a lot of background noise.

You can join your lesson from links in lesson notification emails, the TEFtalk page, My Page and on the lesson schedule. Most modern devices will easily meet the technical requirements for using TEFtalk. If you are not sure, you can test your device and connection.