Using Skype

The English Farm uses software called "Skype" to conduct lessons. Skype is software that enables you to make free video calls from your computer to anywhere in the world. To use Skype, you don’t need a very powerful computer. If you bought your computer in the last 5 years, you should be able to use Skype without any trouble.


  1. If you use a work PC, you may not have Skype or be able to install it. In that case, use a tablet or smartphone.
  2. For the best audio and video quality and easiest set up, we strongly recommend you use Skype on your smartphone or tablet. The app is free. Download it from iTunes (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)

To download and install Skype, visit the Skype website. You can use Skype on your computer, your smartphone, your TV or a games console. Follow the instructions on the Skype website to install the software.


  1. If you have a laptop computer, you will probably have a built-in mic and camera. You can use these to make Skype calls, but you should use headphones or a headset for the best audio quality.
  2. If you have a desktop computer, you will need to buy a headset. If you want to make video calls (we recommend it), then you will need a camera too. They are not very expensive. Just go to your local electronics store and the staff will help you. Make sure your headset is comfortable!


  • We recommend that you always use headphones. If you do not there will be an echo and it will be difficult to hear.
  • Make sure you follow our instructions for setting up Skype to avoid any problems connecting with your teacher and to protect your privacy!
  • The faster your connection, the better the sound quality will be. If possible, do not use a wireless connection. Sometimes, a slow network will affect the quality of your sound or picture. This is beyond our control. Check the Skype page for their recommendations.
  • Using a cellular network is possible, but the sound quality is not reliable.
  • If you have trouble, go to the help pages on Skype and you will get support there or contact us.