Transitions 14 Expressing contrast while discussing controversy

This lesson will focus on contrasting positive and negative information. The topic is controversy.


In lessons 11 and 12, you worked on giving strong and weak opinions. However, the issues we have discussed are not black and white. Today we will work on contrasting points. 

Warm Up: 

What kind of controversial topics have you heard about? Are there any on the news at the moment? 


Please consider each transition phrase. Your instructor has an example and a question regarding each one.

  1. Having said that/That (being) said — This means "however" or similar but is used for more complex topics.
  2. At the same time — This is used for an equal but opposite claim or piece of evidence.
  3. Despite the fact that — This is used when a piece of evidence is contrary to your claim but doesn't change your opinion.  
  4. Contrary to popular belief/what most people think — This is used when your information seems opposite to popular opinion. 
  5. Conversely — This is used for a somewhat surprising opposite. 
  6. But then again — This means "however" or similar. 

Now that you've had some practice using these phrases, try to answer some more questions. Use as many of the above phrases as you can.