Speaking Test Strategies 9 Confidence and enthusiasm

Be enthusiastic!

This is the final lesson on fluency in this section. It will help you to win the listener's attention using gestures, eye contact and intonation. 


Showing enthusiasm and confidence will make you a compelling presenter, interesting in casual conversation and will boost your test score. 

What kind of strong vocabulary can you use? For example: amazing, fantastic...

Warm Up: 

Your instructor will ask you some questions. Give a very short, confident and enthusiastic answer. 


A: What's your favorite food? 
B: Hmm, it has to be ramen! It's incredible! 

A: Is your hometown a good place to live? 
B: Oh, yes. Absolutely. I'm from Vancouver, Canada. It's such a beautiful city.


Here are a few ways to show enthusiasm: 

  • word stress/intonation
  • word choice
  • eye contact 
  • gestures

Now that you've practiced showing confidence and enthusiasm, try giving a full answer to some speaking test-style questions.