Speaking Test Strategies 25 Looking back and looking ahead

Look ahead!

In this lesson, we will look back at the various types of English you have studied. We will give you advice for your speaking test and recommend a course for you to continue studying English. 


This is the final lesson of the Speaking Test Strategies course. We will review what you have learned, and then decide what to do next. 


What did you learn in the previous four Speaking Test Strategies lessons? Discuss with your instructor, and give examples of the strategies:  

STS 21 - Gestures and body language 
STS 22 - Idioms and natural expressions 
STS 23 - Intonation tricks 
STS 24 - Advanced grammar patterns

Which one was the most difficult? 


Now we are going to think about what to practice in your future lessons. There are basically three choices: 

  1. Move to a new course,
  2. Review specific lessons on this course, or
  3. Practice example questions from your speaking test. 

Discuss the pros and cons of these options with your teacher and choose one.