Speaking Test Strategies 14 Using facts and research

computer monitors with charts and graphs
Research common topics.

This is the final lesson in this advanced strategies section. It will show you how to prepare and use factual evidence, as surprising facts are very persuasive when you are arguing.


Using the right facts, statistics or data can help you make powerful arguments. We will consider common topics that are asked in your speaking test and gather interesting or surprising facts that can be used to answer questions. 

Warm Up: 

What are a few topics you expect to be asked about in your speaking test? 


Research each of the topics you chose, and find at least one fact. If you already know about the topic, please use the language below to discuss it. 

You may not remember facts exactly, so you can use vague language. Here are some phrases you can use: 

  1. I believe...
  2. If I remember correctly, 
  3. Approximately/Roughly/About/Around [+ number]
  4. ...or something like that. 

Your teacher will now ask you some typical speaking test questions. Use the facts you researched, and the phrases for estimating numbers, in your answers.