Orientation Intermediate and above 3: Good practice & Grammar

This lesson uses grammar to teach you intentional practice.


Discuss the difference between these questions.

  1. What does that mean? 
  2. Could you tell me what that means?
Warm Up: 

Is it easy or difficult to learn grammar? Why?

Speaker A

With your teacher, choose an interestinguseful grammar point. They will help you decide.

Study it like this:

  1. Choose a point.
  2. Understand it. 
    • Learn the rule or convention.
    • Read or hear many examples. 
    • Ask questions. 
  3. Practice. Use it with feedback. 
    • First, make easy sentences.
    • Then, make interesting sentences.
  4. Use it naturally.

After understanding a language point, you need to create places to use it. 

Let's practice.

Intentional practice

Where can you use new grammar in the future?

Think of 2 situations. 


  • Do you often make grammar mistakes when you speak?
  • How important is grammar for you?


  1. Use The English Farm's homework system. Write 3 examples from today's grammar point. It should take less than 5 minutes.
  2. Make a place to note important language.
    • Use a small notebook like a Moleskin. Or, use an app on your phone.
    • When your 3 homework examples are corrected, add them to your notebook or notes app.
    • Review daily.