Orientation Intermediate and above 1: Be awesome at learning

This lesson uses practical English to teach you about finding or making the best learning material. 


Your teacher has a couple of questions for you.

    Warm Up: 

    There are 4 rules for good learning material. Talk about each point.

    1. It's understandable.
    2. It's interesting.
    3. It's focused.
    4. There's plenty of it. 

    Do you read or hear English regularly? Does it follow the 4 rules?


    This is an exercise from the general English course Speakout.

    Finish each request from the table above.

    1. ...speaking a little slower? 
    2. ...what time the lesson ends?
    3. ...what that word means?
    4. ...say that again?

    A. Choose what you practice.

    Remember, good study material is not too difficult.

    This chart shows the steps of learning. Discuss it with your teacher.

    Recall each phrase from the Language section. Where is it for you on this chart?

    With your teacher, choose at least one phrase to practice. 

    B. Choose how you practice.

    Good study material is interesting.

    1. Choose an interesting discussion topic. Any topic is okay.
    2. Practice using the target phrase.
    3. Use a notebook to record new language. Writing by hand helps make the learning physical, not just mental, so you can remember it better.


    Through this Orientation course, you will learn how to study. You will also understand your strengths and weaknesses.

    At the end of Orientation, you will choose your next course. You can change your course at any time. You can do more than one course.

    In this lesson, you looked at a practical textbook. Practical books such as Speakout and Business Result have a variety of language for common situations.

    • Are you able to naturally use the language from this lesson?


    Use The English Farm's homework system by clicking the DO HOMEWORK button on your home page. You can submit any writing. Here is a homework idea from this lesson.

    Write a dialog based on your topic.  
    A: [Talks about the topic.]
    B: [Makes a polite request.]
    A: [Responds nicely.]

    Make sure you book your next lesson. You can choose any teacher for your next lesson. Any teacher will be prepared for you.

    The English Farm recommends minimum 2 lessons per week. You learn better when you clearly remember your previous lesson.