Expert Interviews 8: Wrapping up

This lesson will show you how to end on a strong note.


Ending strongly is important, especially if you may need to speak with the expert again in the future.

Warm Up: 

Discuss what you'd say to end the following interviews.

  1. The expert has been even more open and knowledgeable than you expected, and you may reach out to them again later in your project. 
  2. The expert has been much more closed and out-of-the-know than you expected. There are 15 minutes of scheduled time left, but you don't think it's worth continuing the interview. 

A. Transition to end the interview

Smooth transitions are always important, and indicating that the interview is coming to a close is especially key. Read the following phrases to indicate that you may be ending. Do you use that style? Would you say anything different? 

  1. Well, that brings me to the end of my prepared questions. 
  2. Okay, that's about all I had to ask you about. 
  3. So to wrap up... 
  4. All right, before we finish up, I'd like to turn the interview over to you [and ask a broad ending question].

B. Broad ending question

Many interviewers take a few minutes at the end of the interview to ask a broad question. You may get unexpected insight, and it will also end things on a positive note. Read the following phrases:

  1. Do you have anything you’d like to mention that I haven’t asked about? 
  2. If you were me, would you be interested in anything else? 
  3. Is there a question I haven’t asked you that I should have asked? 
  4. Do you have anything else to add that I might find interesting? 

C. Thank you

You probably say thank you already, but read the following phrases and discuss the nuance. Which style do you typically use? Are there merits of using another style?

  1. That was very insightful, thank you.
  2. I especially appreciate what you had to say about ____.
  3. Thank you so much for your time today. 

Now, think of a few more ways of saying thanks.

D. Invitation for further dialogue

You may want to reach out to, or even keep in touch with, the expert. Some consultants have their own strategies for networking with experts. What would you say if you wanted to do the following?

  1. End the interview with an invitation for further dialogue.
  2. Send a follow-up thank-you email. 
  3. Maintain a network. If the expert is someone you can see yourself working with in the future, what are some ways you could keep in touch?

Ask your instructor about something they are familiar with. They will give you a few choices, so take a moment and decide on a topic together. 

Be sure to use strategies from previous lessons, such as transitions between topics and pressing for more information. When you are ready to end, use the strategies you practised to finish strongly.