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Discuss the UK's exit like a pro

Big Ben at night with long-exposure headlights

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, a decision commonly called Brexit—a word made from combining "Britain" and "exit".  This will be big news for the foreseeable future, especially as markets adjust to the new situation. Do you know how to discuss this topic in English?

What you are graded on in G.B.C.

To understand how to perform in the G.B.C. test, it helps to know what the testers are looking and listening for. The test does not only evaluate your English speaking skills in the traditional sense (i.e. grammar, vocabulary etc.), but also tests you on your performance.

Go belly up

When things go belly up, they fail or die. This is a common idiom used in business for when a company goes bankrupt. You can use it in other situations, too.

Don't say MAN TO MAN!

An ad for an English school in Japan

All languages borrow words from other languages. The Japanese language uses a lot of phrases and words from English and other languages. Many times they are changed in their meaning or usage. That means that when you use these words in English, you should be careful.