Business intermediate トライアルレッスン: 勇気づける

Intermediate business course (中級) からのサンプルレッスンです。次のレベルの受講者にお勧めします。

400 - 600 40 - 65 3.5 - 5.5

こちらのテキストは、主な表現スキル、一般的ビジネス英語をカバーしています。コースの詳細は、 intermediate business course (中級)を参照ください。


In this lesson, you will learn how to encourage someone and give positive feedback when you are not sure. This is very useful in everyday life and business.

Warm Up: 

Do you give feedback in your job? To who? About what? Talk to your teacher about it.


We are going to do the "Practically speaking" at the bottom of the page. First, let's start with some listening. Get ready to make some notes. Your teacher will help you with the instructions.


Now let's practice. Your teacher will make suggestions and come up with ideas. You should respond to them in an encouraging way (even if the idea is no good!).