Embracing change

Humans find it difficult to adapt to change and this is evident in how technological advances are viewed. This is nothing new because even Socrates, the architect of Western philosophy, wasn't too excited about the introduction of writing, as he felt people would become more forgetful.

It may be natural to fear change, but we have to realize that by nurturing this kind of fear, we are resisting innovations that could improve our quality of life, productivity and connectivity. 

The fear of technological change shows a lack of trust. As it stands, Americans don’t trust each other, our corporations or our public institutions. The absence of trust means a lot of damage has been done and the only way to fix this is to ensure everyone has the information that is essential to building trust back up.

We need to accept the mentality of change if we are going to grow as a society, and a key step in this process is making sure everyone is well-informed. This responsibility lies with each individual, company, and institution.

How do you think people felt about automobiles when they first appeared? Would someone who'd only traveled by horse and buggy trust a machine that could go at a much higher speed? Do Homework
Can you think of other technological breakthroughs in the 19th and 20th centuries? How might people have reacted to them? Do Homework
What are some technological breakthroughs in your own country's history that changed the way people lived? Imagine how people felt about them. Do Homework
What can we do to help build trust in new technologies today? Do Homework