Design for humanity

On one hand, designers aim to make useful, attractive products or services. On the other hand, capitalism aims to make money for investors. When these two things are put together, designers can lose. Designs become more a means of profit than things of beauty and utility.

Investors want to get a high return on investment. So, they continually push for new products. If there isn't a demand for that product, they try to create demand. They use advertising to persuade consumers to buy unneeded products. On top of that, profit-driven companies create products that don't last and can't be repaired easily, so people have to keep buying new ones.

Designers, unfortunately, have little or no say in the matter. Designers often want to make beautiful, sustainable products, but can't. They simply have to satisfy the profit-driven executives.

But there is a solution. Designers schooled in subjects like business, ethics, economics, and politics would be able to move up into the C-suites and take on responsibility for design decisions. For more designers to be free to design for humanity rather than investors' pockets, design education must change.

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What does it mean to "design for humanity"? Do you know of any projects where designers have helped people and/or the Earth? Do Homework
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