Benjamin Hubert: Designing for all

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Benjamin Hubert, founder of the design company LAYER, believes that design should be for the people, not for galleries. LAYER’s vision is to solve everyday problems in the best way possible. For example, a client approached them about a new wheelchair. This was a company with no relationship to design—they just needed a better wheelchair. According to Hubert, “clients approach us because they want a functional and affordable product that’s also beautiful.” 

Hubert founded the LAYER start-up in 2010 after working for a large agency for a few years. He recommends to all founders of start-up companies that they work for someone else first. That way you learn about all the aspects of a business. LAYER started in Hubert’s guest room and grew to 30 people working within a 3,500 square foot space. Everyone contributes to the design and decision-making process. When hiring, Hubert looks for highly motivated, passionate people. As he says, “You can teach someone to do things, but motivation is personal.”

LAYER is committed to sustainable design and devotes 20% of its work to nonprofits. “As designers, we have a responsibility to address problems that are necessities. It’s important to contribute something to society and use our time for projects that improve the world.”

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