Transitions 5 Describing cause while discussing the economy

Man's hands, calculator, coins in a jar
A person calculating their savings

This lesson will focus on describing cause using a variety of expressions. The topic we will discuss today is the economy. 


We often have to explain the cause of an event or situation. This lesson will help you to do this in an effective way.

Warm Up: 

What do you think about the present state of the economy in your country?


Please consider each transition phrase. Your instructor has an example and a question regarding each one, so please practice it. 

  1.  Owing to [noun] — Because of...
  2.  On account of [noun] — Because of...
  3.  In light of [noun] — Because of something recently discovered (or that recently happened)...
  4.  Thanks to [noun] — Because of (positive)...
  5.  [Noun] has its roots in — It describes the cause of this.
  6.  [Noun] stems from — It starts/develops as the result of something.

Now that you've had some practice using these phrases, try to answer some more questions. Use as many of the above phrases as you can.