Transitions 12 Expressing softer opinions while discussing politics

This lesson will focus on giving softer opinions using a variety of phrases. The topic we will discuss is politics.


In the previous lesson, we looked at ways to express strong opinions. However, there are many occasions where we may not have a very strong attitude regarding a particular topic. In this lesson, we will consider ways of expressing softer, less direct opinions.

Warm Up: 

Is your government doing a good job? 


The first five phrases mean effectively the same thing and can be used in the same way to express positive or negative feelings on an issue.

Make sure your intonation matches the meaning of the phrase.

  1. I tend to think that... — Used for a soft opinion.
  2. I suppose that...  Used for a soft opinion.
  3. I would say that... — Used for a soft opinion.
  4. My feeling would be that... — Used for a soft opinion.
  5. It seems to me that... — Used for a soft opinion.
  6. To tell you the truth, I think/don't think... — This is used to introduce a negative opinion or an unusual/controversial opinion.

Now that you've had some practice using these phrases, try to answer some more questions. Use as many of the above phrases as you can.